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    Nantong Haiou Life-saving & Protection Equipment Co., Ltd (Nantong Weiwen Marine Engineering Co., Ltd) is a professional company on producing marine life-saving products and providing service liferaft, lifeboat (davit) and fire-fighting appliances. Besides, ship supply, voyage repair and marine

fire-fighting system design, production, installation are also the major items. The main products of our company are as follows: immersion suit (EC certificate), various lifejackets, fireman’s outfit, chemical-proof suit, diving suit, lifebuoy, rescue raft, thermal protective aid, fire-fighting system and so on. Our company’s products accord with the requirements of 1983 and 1996 Amendment by SOLAS, resolution MSC.81 (70) and LSA Code. We passed the ISO 9001-2000 quality system attestation in 2001. In recent years, the Service Station not only approve China Maritime Safety Administration and CCS, but also been approved successively by the Classification Society of GL、LR、NK、BV、RINA、

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